Climate Reality Panel Discussion

Panellists at the Climate Reality forum field questions from the audience.

Dr Sunimal Jayathunga- Drought Interventions in Sri Lanka

Dr Jayathunga discusses potential interventions in water catchment areas to control flooding and drought and shares case studies from the Sri Lankan Government’s strategy and contribution in the area.

Dr Rohan Pethiyagoda- Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Dr Pethiyagoda gives the audience an insight into the detrimental effect of rising concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere and shares his experiences with long term forest restoration projects.

Dr B. V. R. Punyawardana- Local Trends in Climate Change and Sectoral Vulnerability

Dr Punyawardana explains how national trends in climate change will impact urban farming and present opportunities for city planning. He also focuses on sectoral vulnerability, impacts and opportunities.

Dr A. Nambi Appadurai- Keynote Speech on Climate Risk Management and Adaptation in Asia and Africa

Dr Appadurai shares his experience in climate risk management and Asia and Africa and his work on participatory approaches to support climate risk mainstreaming.

Dilhan C. Fernando, CEO Dilmah Tea and Chair Global Compact Network Sri Lanka

Mr. Dilhan C. Fernando opens the forum and explains the purpose of the programme; “This initiative is intended to build a nation-wide dialogue on what we should expect and prepare us for climate reality.”