A nature corridor connects fragmented ecosystems allowing its resident floral and faunal populations to migrate more easily, thereby increasing their chances of survival.

The Endana Nature Corridor is a reforestation project by Dilmah that hopes to enhance the species richness within our tea estate which borders the Sinharaja Rainforests, a UNESCO designated World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve, and restore the species diversity of a forest ecosystem fragmented by years of human activity.

About the Initiative

Aerial Photograph of a Tea Estate

The Endana nature corridor project aims to reforest 24 hectares of isolated and fragmented forests patches between the Delwalakanda and Walankanda peaks, a small mountain region surrounded by human habitation and tea plantations.

Bordering the globally famed Sinharaja rainforest, a UNESCO designated World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve, the region shows a high level of endemism and species richness.

This initiative is expected to connect a 3 km long gap between the two forests which had been separated by anthropogenic activities for the past 100 years.


Sri Lanka's Rich Biodiversity https://www.youtube.com/embed/cCucYMZe1BY