Understanding the dynamics of climate change provides us with an opportunity to ensure that the equilibrium which is critical for life on earth to continue is restored. The Dilmah Conservation Centre for Climate Change Research and Adaptation is the first private sector - led exercise to study and research climate change in Sri Lanka. Through the establishment of this centre, we hope to build multilateral alliances for ensuring climate resilience in agriculture and food production, with an emphasis on the tea sector - while securing the livelihood options for communities dependent on it.

About the Initiative

Beautiful Scenery of Hillside by the Tea Fields

The Dilmah Conservation Centre for Climate Change Research and Adaptation inaugurated in 2017, is the first private sector initiative to research climate change and guide planters and farmers in building resilience to the extreme weather that is becoming commonplace.

With a dedicated research facility located over 1,500m above sea level at hour Queensberry tea estate, the highest point of any estate owned by Kahawatte Plantations, the centre intends to facilitate future research in measuring changes in climatic patterns in the country

We are working in close collaboration with climate scientist, entrepreneurs and farmers to arrive at innovative, concrete solutions and adapt climate smart technologies to face this challenge.

In 2018, a second weather station was established in Eastern Sri Lanka’s Province; to strengthen the network of available climate data on the diverse agroeconomic regions of the island.

Our hope is to transform the agricultural sector by understanding, testing and implementing climate resilient crops and methods, adapting to changing social and technological context, understanding market demands and translating these into practical solutions for farmers.


Climate Research Facility by Dilmah Conservation https://www.youtube.com/embed/O42KWcW1VRM