At the One Earth Urban Arboretum, we have created a tiny forest with over 500 trees, where one can learn and interact with different varieties of rare and endemic trees. This mini - forest, created as an educational facility by Dilmah, is designed to emphasize the value of urban forests, especially in cities, and the numerous ecosystem services they provide; while instilling a deeper understanding of forests, their ecological role and the need to protect them in a world which is rapidly changing with the climate.

About the Initiative

A Treehouse with a Wooden Ladder

Situated in Moratuwa, a bustling city in Sri Lanka, the One Earth Urban Arboretum houses over 500 plants and trees. This diverse collection of some of Sri Lanka’s common, threatened and rare species of flora not only contributes to increasing the forest cover in the city but stands to illustrate the vital role trees play in our society, economy and day to day lives.

Trees play an important role in controlling urban pollution, lowering the temperature, regulating water flow, enriching the urban biodiversity and maintaining ecological balance. Dilmah Conservation regularly conducts educational workshops here, with the simple objective of creating an awareness amongst the urban population, young and old alike, on the importance of forests, especially in a city.


First Mini forest Created in a City of Sri Lanka