Who Cares About Nature

Who Cares about Nature

In an effort to engage with the public and promote greater awareness on nature and the environment, alongside showcasing its pioneering initiatives, Dilmah Conservation hosted a festival for learning and recreation.

Who Cares about Nature

As providers of essential products and services, businesses play an influential role in making a positive contribution to society. Dilmah firmly believes in the importance of making a conscious effort to uphold these responsibilities to both society and the environment. As such, ‘Who Cares about Nature’ was conceived of as a forum to share these values and promote the importance of sustainability and conservation among a broader audience.

  • Objectives

    • To increase and enhance public awareness on conservation and environmental issues.
    • To engage with the public on conservation-related topics.
    • To increase public respect in nature and nature conservation work and consequently increase public and civil society engagement in nature conservation
    • To increase awareness among children and foster interest in nature and conservation
    Who Cares about Nature
  • Progress

    • The event saw a large public audience that included children as well as environmentalists of all ages and backgrounds
    • A wide range of activities such as puppetry, drawing and sculpting that focus on connecting youth with nature was available for children attending from across the nation.
    • Nature photography workshops were held in aid of aspiring nature photographers.
    • Panel discussions headed by renowned scientists were held for the public
    • A keynote address was made by Dr. Bill Jackson, The former Deputy Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), on ‘Man’s Role in the Natural Ecosystem’.
    • Cultural demonstrations by the indigenous Veddah and Vibrant Ahikuntaka communities were also held, allowing the public to connect and communicate with these important peoples.
    • Who Cares About Nature will be held again in May 2017.
    Who Cares about Nature Who Cares about Nature Who Cares about Nature