Research and Development

Firewood Pre Heater

Innovation is central to Dilmah Conservation’s efforts towards mainstreaming sustainability within its initiatives and within the scope of Dilmah’s operations. As such, Dilmah Conservation is constantly seeking to improve and adapt existing mechanisms and practices towards optimising the usage of natural resources and mitigating impacts on the environment.

Outside View of Dilma's Firewood Pre Heater
  • Objectives

    The overall objective of this initiative is to provide environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternatives to lead Dilmah Tea and other businesses into a cleaner and greener future.

  • Progress

    Firewood Dryer

    With the objective of reducing the usage of firewood in the production of tea by 20% at Dilmah’s factories, Dilmah Conservation successful designed and tested an innovative firewood dryer at the Rilhena Estate. Following the success of the trials, Dilmah Conservation built and installed this firewood dryer at the following Dilmah Estates; Endana, Houpe, Opatha, Pelmadulla and Wellandura. According to the results obtained from the trials it is anticipated that the reduction of firewood usage could be as high as 50%.

    Biogas Plant

    The natural decomposition of organic materials can be harnessed as an environmentally-friendly means of generating renewable energy. When organic materials are broken down in the absence of oxygen, biogases are produced. Mainly comprising of Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), biogas can be produced by processing green waste including kitchen and garden refuse under anaerobic conditions. Construction of a continuous 15m3 biogas digester at Moratuwa is currently underway. It is expected to generate 5.5m3 of biogas per day. This biogas plant will ensure greater environmental and financial sustainability by helping streamline waste disposal and reduce associated costs, pollution and dependence on non-renewable energy resources, while supplementing organic gardening initiatives at DCSARC