Dilmah is moving beyond Carbon Neutral

Achieving carbon neutrality in 2017, Dilmah is now committed to achieving SBTis by 2030 by reducing its own emissions while following its own carbon-negative strategy for manufacturing processes.


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Carbon Neutral Dilmah

  • First-ever Dilmah Sustainability Report completed by the IUCN.


  • First comprehensive analysis of Dilmah’s carbon footprint with the University of Colombo.
  • Development of Dilmah’s Carbon Neutral Action Plan.


  • The founder Merrill J. Fernando pledges to make the Dilmah Tea facility in Peliyagoda a carbon-neutral facility.


  • The Dilmah Head Office and factory located at Peliyagoda become Carbon Neutral.


  • Carbon Neutrality was achieved for its entire product range and factories.
  • For more details on the Carbon Neutral Certification, Click Here


  • Carbon neutrality extended to the entire Peliyagoda facility and all products up to Australia’s shelves.


  • Carbon neutrality is achieved for all products from the gardens up to all destination ports of all overseas markets.
  • For more details, click Here


  • Dilmah pledges to achieve carbon negativity for its main operations by 2030.
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  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2017
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  • 2019
  • 2020
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