Thoppigala Heritage Centre

Aerial Photograph of Thoppigala

In keeping in line with its commitment to protecting Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity and natural heritage, Dilmah Conservation has been working in the area surrounding the Thoppigala Rock (also known as Baron’s Cap or Kudumbimalai). Founded as an effort to commemorate the peaceful integration of all communities following the end of the civil war, Dilmah Conservation supported the establishment of the Thoppigala Heritage Park. The purpose of the park is to enlighten visitors on the historical, cultural and environmental importance of this area, while highlighting the importance of conservation as well. It offers an overview of Sri Lanka’s environment and rich biodiversity through three-dimensional models and interactive educational features.

Photograph taken of The Heritage of Thoppigala
  • Objectives

    The overall objective of this initiative is to educate visitors on the historical, cultural and environmental importance of Thoppigala.

  • Progress

    As part of its effort to revitalize the degraded forest patches of the area, Dilmah Conservation, in collaboration with the Forest Department and with support from the Sri Lanka Army, planted 20,000 trees at Thoppigala as a part of its reforestation programme. This reforestation was conducted with an emphasis on fruit varieties, to bring a socio-economic benefit to the people in the area, and also create a habitat for birds and animals.

    The Dilmah Conservation Heritage Center was also established at the Park. The heritage center showcases the biodiversity and environment of Sri Lanka in various educational depictions, including 3D models, for students and adult visitors alike

    Checking Progress of Thoppigala Heritage Centre
  • Partners

    • Forest Department
    • Sri Lanka Army