A Person Reading the Book about Dragonflies

In line with its objectives to promote greater environmental awareness and accessible nature education, Dilmah Conservation engages in the publication and distribution of a series of books focused on a range of subjects including biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage and organic agricultural practices.

  • Objectives

    • To produce a collection of scientific publications on a range of biodiversity-related topics relevant to Sri Lanka.
    • To help create greater awareness on a range of biodiversity topics.
  • Progress

    Dilmah Conservation's list of 13 field guides include

    A Field Guide to the Bats of Sri Lanka

    A Field Guide to the Bats of Sri Lanka lifts the veil that banishes these creatures into cave dwelling pests. Instead, it brings to perspective the unique role played by them in creating forests, controlling insect population and balancing the harmony of the ecosystem.
    Launched on 27 November 2017
    LKR 350.00

    Field Guide about Dragonflies

    A Field Guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of Sri Lanka provides information on 105 species of dragonflies and damselflies inhabiting the island, encouraging one to appreciate the species diversity and their crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance.
    Launched on 30 May 2017
    LKR 400.00

    Dilmah Conservation's The Veddahs Book

    Indigenous Communities in Sri Lanka- The Veddahs chronicles the oral histories, heritage, lives and occupations of members of the indigenous Veddah communities and delves into the rites and rituals of the scattered Coastal Veddah community in particular, who have been largely overlooked and excluded as a consequence of the war.
    LKR 1000.00

    Book by Dilmah

    Our Biological Heritage a Sinhala publication aimed at Sri Lankan youth, which provides easy information on the abundantly diverse biological landscapes found within Sri Lanka.

    The Ahikuntaka Book by Dilmah

    Traditional Communities in Sri Lanka - The Ahikuntika chronicles the oral histories, heritage, lives and occupations of members of the nomadic Ahikuntika community in the face of rapid social transformation
    LKR 1000.00

    Spiders of Sri Lanka Book

    An Introduction to Common Spiders of Sri Lanka gives informative descriptions on identifying common spiders of Sri Lanka while underlying the importance of these often overlooked and irrationally feared species.
    LKR 200.00

    A Pictorial Guide to Uda Walawe National Park

    A Pictorial Guide to the Udawalawe National Park provides both visitors and non-visitors with a comprehensive overview of the Uda Walawe National Park of Sri Lanka, its various habitats and ecosystems, and the species that reside within it.
    LKR 600.00

    Deadly Venomous Snakes in Sri Lanka Book

    Recognizing Deadly Venomous Snakes from Harmless Snakes of Sri Lanka provides an illustrated scientific overview of how to differentiate harmless snakes from poisonous snakes, as a means of curbing irrational fears and the unnecessary killing of these reptiles.
    LKR 200.00

    A Guide of Eco Friendly Home Gardening

    A Guide to Eco-Friendly Home Gardening promotes home gardening within small spaces and covers concepts of vertical agriculture, organic pest control methods, sound waste management practices, etc.
    LKR 200.00

    Lichens of Sri Lanka Book by Dilmah

    Fascinating Lichens of Sri Lanka introduces the fascinating and diverse lichens of Sri Lanka with information on macrolichens which occur frequently in Horton Plains, Nuwara Eliya, the Knuckles and Adams Peak.
    LKR 400.00

    Common Butterflies in Sri Lanka

    Common Butterflies of Sri Lank provides an identification guide featuring 100 species of butterflies found in Sri Lanka, along with information on the plants that attract specific butterfly species, and their ecological significance.
    LKR 350.00

    Common Forest Trees of Sri Lanka

    Common Forest Trees of Sri Lanka provides an overview on more than 120 species of trees found in Sri Lanka emphasizes the crucial role trees play economically and also in the survival of every species with which we share this planet.
    LKR 550.00

    Hela Batha Asiriya by Dilmah Conservation

    Hela Batha Asiriya (Sinhala) details the many unique aspects of Sri Lanka's rich agricultural history highlighting the sustainable and organic agricultural methods practiced in the immediate past and by the ancestors of Sri Lanka.
    LKR 250.00

    Hela Veda Ath Potha (Handbook of Traditional Home Remedies) describes over 600 home remedies from Sri Lanka’s indigenous medicinal tradition in an attempt to revive and share this knowledge with future generations.
    LKR 480.00