One Earth Nature Club

The One Earth Nature Club Volunteers can look forward to an evening with renowned ornithologist, Prof. Sarath Kotagama this September.

Prof. Sarath Kotagama

Venue: Diyasaru Park
Date & Time: TBA
Stay tuned for updates

Dilmah Conservation launched the One Earth Nature Club in 2016 to nature related educational programs, lectures and capacity building workshops to Sri Lankan youth. These programmes and activities are aimed at nurturing interest in nature while offering basic knowledge and skills necessary to become an environmental scientist.

The Club is open to Sri Lankan’s between the ages of 13 and 30 and those interested in joining need only fill in the online application form. Information on club events are posted on the One Earth Nature Club Facebook Group

  • Objectives

    By initiating this club, Dilmah Conservation primarily aims to bridge the gap between people and nature through educational programs such as field excursions, workshops and lectures. The club hopes to instill a respect and interest in nature in the younger generation and educate them on the importance of biodiversity and the natural environment while contributing to their physical and mental health and development.

    • To educate and increase awareness of nature and environmental issues in younger generations.
    • To increase involvement in nature with the goal of inspiring in youth a sense of respect and responsibility towards nature and in doing so inspire the next generation of environmentalists.
    • To teach younger generations skills, abilities and competencies accompanying environmental scientists, naturalists and conservationists thereby honing the next generation of environmental advocates.
    • To increase interactions with nature in the younger generation contributing towards improved mental and physical health.
  • Progress

    • The club has over 500+ members on its Facebook Group
    • Workshops conducted in the past year include:
    • Insights into the Wild Elephants
    • Insights into the Wild Elephants by Dr. Prithviraj Fernando, Chairman- Centre for Conservation and Research was held at the Udawalawe National Park on 16th September 2017. The first half of the day program consisted of a workshop on the human-elephant conflict led Dr. Prithviraj Fernando and was followed by an excursion of the Udawalawe National Park.
    A Field Excursion on Dragonflies and Damselflies
    • A Field Excursion on Dragonflies and Damselflies was organized on 1st July 2017 at the Beddagana Wetland Park by Dilmah Conservation. The participants had the opportunity to interact with Amila Sumanapla the author of ‘A Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Sri Lanka’ and learn about the characteristics of these flying insects and the ecological role played by them.
    • A Study on Sri Lankan Snakes by L.J. Mendis Wickramasinghe, an expert on herpetofauna and the author of Dilmah Conservation’s ‘Recognizing Deadly Venomous Snakes from Harmless Snakes of Sri Lanka’ was organized at the Dehiwala Zoo. (November 2016)
    • Wetland, Estuarine and Lagoon ecosystems was the first excursion of the events organized by the Nature Club. Members visited the Muthurajawela Wetland Sanctuary, Sri Lanka, where they listened to lectures by leading experts in the field on significance of wetlands and their conservation. This was followed by a an educational tour of the sanctuary.
    • Youth in Responsible Conservation is a workshop series is designed to promote science-based, practical, neutral and conscious conservation practices amongst the next generation. The first Workshop was conducted by Dr. Enoka Kudavidanage (senior lecturer in conservation biology) at the Diyasaru Wetland Park in Thalawathugoda on the 30th of September 2018. At the event Dr. Enoka shared her experiences working in the conservation field and mentored One Earth Nature Club members on how to turn their dreams of becoming a conservationist into a reality- directing them to free educational platforms that can boost their technical knowledge and provide them with international learning opportunities.
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