Environment Lecture Series

This initiative seeks to encourage a dialogue among enthusiasts and experts on environmental issues and concerns through public lectures by international experts aimed at sharing experiences, informing and educating the general public, and cultivating a sense of shared responsibility to nature and the environment.

Lichens: the coolest thing you never heard of! was a lecture conducted by renowned lichenlogists Dr. Pat Woseley and Dr. Gothamie Weerakoon and National Geographic Explorer Matthew Cicanese, opened the discussion for lichens, stirring an interest in the subject among a scientifically aligned audience. The event saw the approximate participation of 100 individuals.

Giving Information about Capturing the Photo

The Photography Workshop organized on 21st February 2018, was designed to offer nature and photography enthusiasts a novel perspective of storytelling through photographs. Fashion and Wildlife Photographer Paul John Bayfield and Nation Geographic Explorer Matthew Cicanese, offered their expertise on the subject engaging nearly 30 participants on a discussion of photographing and ways to sharpen their story telling skills. Following the event a Facebook group was set up to share photography tips and ideas.

  • Objectives

    • To increase and enhance public awareness on conservation and environmental issues.
    • To engage with the public on conservation-related topics.
  • Progress

    The 5th Sri Lankan Lichen workshop was conducted parallel to the International conference of Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants and Spices (ASOMPS) from 17-19 December, 2018 by Dilmah Conservation in partnership with academic bodies and local conservation entities.

    The workshop which was led by internationally recognised lichenologists, Pat Wolseley and Gothamie Weerakoon, focused on understanding the biogeographical relationships of lichens in Sri Lanka; with emphasis on using lichens as flagship taxa to identify forests of high conservation importance in Sri Lanka and the tropics, along with studying pharmaceutical applications of selected lichen secondary metabolites.

     Researching about Lichens on a Tree

    This initiative has thus far hosted several lectures by renowned scientists on a variety of topics. Including:

    • a public lecture in commemoration of Biodiversity Day 2015 where Professor Bruce Clarkson gave a keynote address on the theme of ‘Creative Solutions that Combine Nature and Profit’, organised by Dilmah Conservation, together with the Sri Lanka Business and Biodiversity (B&B) Platform of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and Hatton National Bank.
    • Two workshops introducing lichenology led by a team of prominent visiting lichenologists in Kandy and Colombo. The workshops sought to provide those interested in learning more about lichenology, an opportunity to be instructed on the fascinating biology of lichens and their significant ecological role. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Gothamie Weerakoon, a scientific affiliate of the Field Museum of Chicago USA who authored Dilmah Conservation's 'Fascinating Lichens of Sri Lanka' field guide, Dr. Marcela Caceres of the Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil, Ms. Pat Wolseley of the Natural History Museum, London, UK, and Dr. Andre Aptroot of the ABL Herbarium, Soest, Netherlands.
    • A lecture on the importance of wetlands ‘No Wetlands – No Water’ by Dr. Lew Young, Senior Regional Advisor for Asia – Oceania RAMSAR Secretariat.