Sponsoring Baby Calves

Dilmah Conservation is actively involved in elephant conservation initiatives at the Elephant Transit Home (ETH) in Udawalawe National Park and is currently sponsoring the care of an elephant calf named ‘Baby Dilmah’.

In 2014, Dilmah adopted an orphaned elephant, Ted, (named after the New Zealand All Blacks rugby coach Sir Graham Henry KNZM), who was released back into the wild in 2020.

In 2017, Dilmah adopted Baby Dilmah and will sponsor her care until she’s ready to return to the wild. You can learn more about her story here or follow her on

Baby Dilmah’s 2nd Birthday

  • Baby Dilmah’s 2nd Birthday was celebrated in a grand scale, in 2019. The Dilmah Conservation team was joined by some members of the Dilmah staff and children from the MJF Foundation at the Elephant Transit Home. The day was spent learning about these gentle giants and the conservation efforts taken by the ETH, and some elephant themed arts and crafts created courtesy of the Dilmah Staff and children that joined in on the celebrations.