Engaging Communities

Conservation efforts are often successful when local communities are engaged, while providing opportunities for livelihood development.

Mankada - A Pottery Project

  • In order to better engage communities, Dilmah Conservation has partnered with the MJF Charitable Foundation to expand its outreach in the region of the Udawalawe National Park, where considerable work has already been carried out to support and empower the lives and livelihoods of the adjacent communities. The pottery project Mankada engages local communities and provides a sustainable income source to its employees.

Awareness Programmes for Local Communities

  • Dilmah Conservation has also conducted environmental awareness programmes for local communities, including schools in the vicinity of the Park. Awareness and education programmes are sustained through the Information Centre that is established at the ETH premises.

An Island-wide Art Competition

  • In celebration of Baby Dilmah’s 3rd birthday, in September 2020 an island-wide art competition was organized to raise awareness on the importance of conserving elephants and coexisting peacefully with them for posterity. The goal was to engage and educate our future leaders of the world to understand the importance of Elephant conservation, and to inculcate a habit of drawing out their passions and using art as a tool for conservation.