Scenery of a Lake with Dilmah Tea Centre


"Water is life, is scarce, and has no substitute". This is unchallenged, yet the present use of water and the consequences of development have made water one of the scarcest natural resources in the world.

Water is one of the most important substances on earth, not only is it central to a healthy, abundant economy, it is also vital to life and the proper functioning of the world’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, human activity has introduced a host of stresses on the world’s water supply, especially to freshwater sources, thus leading to a massive shortage of clean, potable water.

In addition to problems created by drought, flooding and climate change, as a developing nation, Sri Lanka also faces mounting pressures from pollution, population growth, and competition for use (e.g. drinking water, ecosystem protection, agriculture, energy production, recreation).

Innovative water management approaches need to be considered for the utilization of water in a sustainable manner, ensuring safe, efficient and effective use. MJF Awards invite innovators to present revolutionary concepts and working prototypes that can protect our water resources, reduce pollution, and put its use on a more sustainable path whilst supporting economic growth.