Application Page for Sinhala & Tamil Applicants

Once you have filled in the downloaded application, upload a copy via the link below. Your application form will also contain explanatory notes in your chosen language. When uploading your completed application form please do not include the explanatory notes that have been provided for you.

Applications in English, Sinhala and Tamil are welcome. If you are making an entry in Sinhala or Tamil we kindly request you to send an English translation along with your application in order to facilitate dissemination of information. If a translation is not submitted along with the application form, Dilmah Conservation will carry out the translation before passing the application to the judges. However, you are encouraged to carry out the translation yourself so as to avoid errors and loss of information. Please include your translation in the same document as the application form.

Please download the following application.
Make sure to follow the instructions given carefully.

Upload your completed application form here

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