About the Award

Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.”  Ted Levitt, American Economist and Professor at Harvard Business School

Today our world suffers from an epidemic of environmental challenges. The need for change, for innovation, that combats these issues has never been more imperative to the growth and well-being of a nation. Sri Lanka is yet to consider innovation as vital for her next phase of growth and as a result, innovation in its entirety has not been given due recognition.

Innovators thrive when the system to which they belong, supports inventiveness and creativity. Dilmah Conservation plans to provide the environmental ideators and innovators of Sri Lanka the support they require to foster their ingenuity and in doing so, encourage and strengthen eco-innovative solutions to environmental issues of Sri Lanka and the world.

The Merrill J Fernando Innovation Awards call for breakthrough, purposeful proposals of well-developed concepts and working prototypes that seek to solve current national and global environmental issues in the areas of Waste, Water, Energy, Blue Economy and Biodiversity.

The MJF Award aims to benefit both the innovator and the country by not just appreciating a concept or prototype, but facilitating its incorporation into the society, or bringing the ‘Concept to Market‘. For this purpose, Dilmah Conservation has allocated a fund of LKR 10,000,000/= to provide winners with guidance and support necessary to develop and commercialize their innovations. With this award scheme, Dilmah Conservation hopes to showcase Sri Lanka in a different light and inspire its people to create unique solutions that will carry her into a prosperous future.

Dilmah Conservation has no ownership/commercial interest in any of the innovations submitted by participants.