World Wetlands Day Celebrations

January 31, 2014
  • World Wetlands Day Celebrations

In an effort to commemorate World Wetlands Day which falls on 2nd February, the Department of Wildlife Conservation in collaboration with Dilmah Conservation will be hosting an awareness programme for students and teachers at the Wilpattu National Park.

In support of this programme, Dilmah Conservation will be presenting all participants with three publications in order to help educate them about Sri Lanka’s biological heritage and raise awareness on the importance of biodiversity conservation. The following books, which will no doubt serve as a valuable resource for learning, will be distributed among the participating students:

  • Our Biological Heritage
  • An Introduction to Common Spiders
  • Recognising Deadly Venomous Snakes from Harmless Snakes of Sri Lanka

Dilmah Conservation will actively participate at this event towards furthering nature and environmental education among students. Refreshments will also be provided for all participants.