Urban Conservation: Educating the Future

January 14, 2015
  • Urban Conservation: Educating the Future

Dilmah Conservation together with Royal College Colombo set up a butterfly garden at the school premises a few months ago.

This initiative aimed to create a safe haven for these elusive creatures within the rapidly growing urban sprawl of Colombo. The garden, while providing a sanctuary for butterflies, also encourages future generations to learn and appreciate what nature has to offer.

Dilmah Conservation also launched an educational programme series on butterflies at Royal College, led by butterfly expert Himesh Jayasinghe, providing students with a valuable opportunity to learn more about the habits and habitats of butterflies and relevant field observation skills.

Specific components of the programme included: a comprehensive overview of Sri Lankan butterflies, the art of photography, field ethics, discipline and field note taking, butterfly gardening and the identification of larval food plants, along with the broader conservation of butterflies and nature.

As a result of the enthusiasm and interest generated, Royal College published a calendar for 2015 featuring butterflies from the school’s butterfly garden.

The photos for the calendar were taken by Thirantha Karunarathna, a student of Royal College and Rajika Gamage, a consultant with Dilmah Conservation. The calendar includes photographs of butterflies such as the Blue Tiger, Common Indian Crow, Plains Cupid, Lemon Emigrant and many more. It is initiatives such as these that will aid in educating future generations to co-exist with nature, and Dilmah Conservation is proud to partner with Royal College in taking the message of conservation to a wider audience.