Research on Weather & Climate, and Environment in Tea Ecosystems in Sri Lanka

Foundation for Environment, Climate, and Technology (FECT) 
Dilmah Conservation 

The Foundation for Environment, Climate, and Technology (FECT) project aims at finding extensive climate data and using these to create models that accurately predict the effects of climate change; especially on the tea sector of Sri Lanka. All the data they produce will be freely accessible to other researchers to further research efforts.

A few highlights of the project include:

  • Davis Weather Stations are set up at the climate change research centre to continuously accrue data on climate variables
  • The research compared data acquired from the air quality monitors at the Queensberry estate and derived that an apparent correlation exists between air quality variance in Norachcholai and Queensberry.
  • Data on historical tea production and climate data have been compiled and linked
  • An ongoing database of climate data has been initiated, which is intended to expand into a nationwide climate monitoring system

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